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  • Ropes – Kernmantel or Hawser Lay ?

    Which type of rope should you use – especially for climbing? We compare the pros and cons of the two main types.

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  • Bucket Cricket

    Although the game is called bucket cricket, playing with a round or square metal drum that stands about 14 inches high and 9 inches across is more satisfying. Use a bat of a piece of wood approximately 20 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. We’re using a tennis ball or a rubber ball of a…

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  • One Hundred Scouts

    This is a lovely article that could be used for recruitment. It may be out of date now and I do not have the original source. The Busy Scouter Of any 100 children who become Scouts, it is highly probable that 30 will drop out in their first year. Perhaps this may be regarded as…

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  • Smart USB Charging Station for 8 Devices

    I have previously written about our move to rechargeable LED lights. Since buying and trying a single lamp we have added four more as well as having other devices using USB ports to charge. This unit allows charging of multiple devices and intelligently switches off as devices reach capacity which stops overcharging. Whilst it is…

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  • Payments in 2024 – by card, no less!

    Most of us volunteering for charity do so as a hobby, to give back. We don’t often consider the cost and rarely claim back what we have spent enjoying our hobby. I was like that, then life changed, and I couldn’t afford to do anything. Let alone give more of my weekends camping, not if…

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  • What help do you need?

    This is a simple statement that we are all guilty of racing past! Who would volunteer to be a “Leader” or “Committee Member” without any more explanation? Not many people. If you can answer those clearly and positively, you’ve got the basis for an excellent advert.

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